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Hogares CREA
FounderJose Juan Garcia
Number of locations
152 facilities worldwide
Young man selling cakes while wearing an Hogar Crea shirt in Manatí, Puerto Rico

Hogar Crea is an international institution, founded in Puerto Rico, that helps drug addicts break their habits.


Cake sold by residents in the Hogar Crea International of Florida, Inc.

In 1968, Jose Juan Garcia founded "Hogar Crea". The word "Crea" means for the re-education of the addict and the community. Those who enter the program do not have to pay a fee, but must agree to the program's strict rules. Breaking a drug habit is not easy and those who enter the program must adopt new habits which are conducive to recovery.

Participants were required to attend church services on Sundays until a court ruling changed that.[1] Participants are known for selling desserts such as caramel custards. They also wash cars and do community service. The program is funded by both the United States federal government and the Puerto Rican government.[2][3]

Hogares Crea has over 152 facilities worldwide. Besides Puerto Rico facilities are also established in Florida,[4] Costa Rica,[5] Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.[2]

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