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Holly Liu is a venture capitalist[1][2] and the co-founder of the mobile gaming company Kabam.[3]


She studied at the UC Berkeley and at the University of California, Los Angeles.[4]


Liu is the co-founder of mobile gaming company Kabam and maker of the games: Kingdoms of Camelot The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth and Marvel Contest of Champions.[3] She was lead designer of their flagship game Kingdoms of Camelot.[5]

Since September 2017 she is Visiting Partner at Y Combinator.[1][6]

Since June 2018 she is Board member at Animoca.[2]

She is on the advisory board at University of California, Berkeley School of Information.


She has been named one of Fortune’s “10 Most Powerful Women in Gaming”, Forbes’ “12 Women in Gaming to Watch.” and Forbes - "10 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch from Google Ventures' Portfolio Companies".[7][8][9]

She was also named by Inc as a Top 10 female founder unicorn.[10]

In 2018, she received the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Technology Entrepreneurship Award[11] and she was featured among "America's Top 50 Women In Tech" by Forbes.[12]


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