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The Hollywood Candy Company, or Hollywood Brands, was an American confectionery company formed in Hollywood, Carver County, Minnesota, in 1912[1] by Frank Martoccio.


Martoccio, head of the F.A. Martoccio Macaroni Company acquired a defunct candy factory in 1911 for the sole purpose of replacing one of his own factory's machines that had burned out. Martoccio was talked into buying the entire Pratt and Langhoft Candy plant and found himself in the confectionery business.[2] He purchased another candy company, the Pendergast Candy Company of Minneapolis in 1927, changing the name to Hollywood Brands in 1933. The Pendergast Company had discovered the method of making a fluffy nougat for candy bars that was copied by Frank Mars for his Milky Way bars.[3] Martoccio invented a synthetic coating for his candy bars to keep them from melting in warm temperatures. Martoccio used only the very best ingredients—real cocoa butter, eggs, etc., and was still able to sell his milk chocolate bars for 3 cents compared to the 5 cent Hershey bar (1955). That was not continued after the company was sold in 1967.[4]

Hollywood moved to Centralia, Illinois, in 1938. During the 1950s, the Hollywood Candy Company owned a Crosley Super Sport which was painted to look like the Zero candy bar wrapper and employed a midget, to impersonate a character called Zero and drive around advertising the candy bar. In 1967 the Martoccio family sold Hollywood Brands to Consolidated Foods, later Sara Lee. The Centralia plant was destroyed in a fire in 1980.

In 1988 Hollywood Brands was acquired by the Leaf Candy Company, then later became part of The Hershey Company in 1996.


Amongst Hollywood's confectionery products were:

  • Butter-Nut (1916) with use of the name successfully defended in a court case challenging the name for use in a chocolate bar[5]
  • Zero (1920) White coating that did not melt in heat. A silver wrapper with large blue and silver ZERO across the top. Still produced today (2012)
  • Milkshake (1927) (similar to a Milky Way bar, but with malt flavor instead of chocolate flavor only)
  • Pay Day (1932) Carmel nougat coated with whole peanuts. Still produced today (2012)
  • Hollywood (dark chocolate coating carmel, nougat and peanuts)
  • Big Time (a Milkshake bar with peanuts) Red wrapper with Big Time written across the top
  • Red Sails
  • Smooth Sailing (dark chocolate coating walnut-flavored nougat) A blue wrapper with silver sailboats
  • 747
  • Almond
  • Swinger
  • Buccaneers
  • Treasure Bar
  • Nut Sundae Bar
  • Sno King Candy Bar
  • Teddy Bear (peanuts, chocolate, nougat)
  • Nut Patti (almonds, chocolate, nougat)
  • Tafy Nut / Tofy-Nut
  • 3 Big Bears (three chocolate bars in one)