Holographic Versatile Card

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Holographic Versatile Card

The Holographic Versatile Card (HVC) is a data storage format by Optware; the projected date for a Japanese launch had been the first half of 2007, pending finalization of the specification, however as of July 2010, nothing has yet surfaced. One of its main advantages compared with discs is the lack of moving parts when played. They claim it will hold 30GB of data, have a write speed 3 times faster than Blu-ray, and be approximately the size of a credit card. Optware claims that at release the media will cost about ¥100 (roughly $1.20) each, reader devices are set to cost about ¥200,000(roughly $2400) while reader/writer devices are to cost ¥1 000,000 (roughly $12000, as per exchange rate of Apr 2011) each.[1]

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