Holsworthy Group

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Holsworthy Group
Stratigraphic range: Namurian to Bolsovian (Carboniferous)
Coloured strata on the cliffs on Warren Beach - geograph.org.uk - 1518539.jpg
Chevron folded alternations of sandstone and mudstone of the Crackington Formation, Warren Bay, Hartland Quay
Unit ofCulm Supergroup
Sub-unitsCrackington Formation, Bideford Formation, Bude Formation
UnderliesExeter Group
OverliesTeign Valley Group
Thickness3500 to 4000m
Othersiltstones, sandstones, conglomerates
CountryUnited Kingdom
Extentnorth and east Cornwall to north and east Devon
Type section
Named forHolsworthy

The Holsworthy Group is a late Carboniferous lithostratigraphic group (a sequence of rock strata) in north and east Cornwall and Devon in southwest England. The name is derived from the Devon town of Holsworthy. The Group comprises (in ascending order i.e. oldest first) the Crackington, Bideford and Bude formations. In the Launceston area the group is represented by the Bealsmill Formation. It was formerly known as the Upper Culm Group.[1]


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