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Home and Away
Studio album by Del Shannon
Released 30 October 2006
Recorded 23-26 February 1967
Studio Olympic Sound Studio, 117 Church Road, Barnes, London SW13
Genre Pop
Label Immediate (1967, not released)
EMI (2006)
Producer Andrew Loog Oldham

Home and Away is an album by Del Shannon. It was recorded in England in 1967, but the singles did not achieve chart success and the album was not released.[1] It was released (with a few other later songs added) in a remixed version 1978 under the title And The Music Plays On,[2] then released under its original name, with the original intended cover, and original track list (except for added bonus tracks) in 2006.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It's My Feeling" (Andrew Rose, David Skinner)
  2. "Mind Over Matter" (Jeremy Paul Solomons)
  3. "Silently" (Dan Bourgoise, Del Shannon)
  4. "Cut and Come Again" (Billy Nicholls)
  5. "My Love Has Gone" (Ross Watson)
  6. "Led Along" (Billy Nicholls)
  7. "Life Is But Nothing" (Andrew Rose, David Skinner)
  8. "Easy to Say" (Andrew Rose, David Skinner)
  9. "Friendly with You" (Billy Nicholls)
  10. "He Cheated" (Del Shannon)
  11. "Runaway '67" (Del Shannon, Max Crook)

CD bonus tracks

  1. "Led Along" [Mono, US & UK Single] (Billy Nicholls)
  2. "Mind Over Matter" [Mono, UK Single] (Jeremy Paul Solomons)
  3. "Runaway '67" [Mono, US & UK Single] (Del Shannon, Max Crook)
  4. "He Cheated" [Mono, US Single] (Del Shannon)
  5. "Silently" [Mono, Philippines Single] (Dan Bourgoise, Del Shannon)


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