Home at Last (Larry Norman album)

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Home at Last
Studio album by Larry Norman
Released 1989
Label Phydeaux Records
Producer Larry Norman
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1/5 stars[1][2]

Home at Last is an album of mostly new material by Larry Norman first issued in 1989. It was originally released as a two-LP album and included some live tracks. In 1998 it was released as one album together with the 1994 compilation Footprints in the Sand. The 2007 re-release of Home at Last contained only the studio recordings of the original issue.[3] Home at Last was released to mixed reviews, some citing disorganization and uneven production,[4] and controversy.[2] A music video of live performances of the 14 studio songs on Home at Last garnered favourable reviews.[5]


Original double-LP release[edit]

Side 1[edit]

  1. "Lonely Boy"
  2. "My Feet Are On The Rock"
  3. "Country Church, Country People"
  4. "Sitting In My Kitchen"

Side 2[edit]

  1. "Camel Through A Needle's Eye"
  2. "Nightmare #49 (Part 1)"
  3. "Oh, How I Love You"
  4. "Queen Of The Rodeo"
  5. "He Really Loves You"
  6. "Here Comes The King"

Side 3[edit]

  1. "Letters To The Church"
  2. "We Three Twogether"
  3. "Somewhere Out There"
  4. "Selah"

Side 4 (live)[edit]

  1. "Letters To The Church"
  2. "Camel Through A Needle's Eye"
  3. "Here Comes The King"
  4. "Shake Your Rattle And Crawl"

2007 CD re-issue[edit]

(Solid Rock Records)

  1. "Lonely Boy"
  2. "My Feet Are On The Rock"
  3. "Country Church"
  4. "Sitting In My Kitchen"
  5. "Camel Through A Needle's Eye"
  6. "Nightmare #49 (Part One)"
  7. "Oh How I Love You"
  8. "Queen Of The Rodeo"
  9. "He Really Loves You"
  10. "Here Comes The King"
  11. "Letters To The Church"
  12. "We Three Twogether"
  13. "Somewhere Out There"
  14. "Selah"


  • Larry Norman - vocals, harmonies, guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica, and keyboards
  • Charles Norman - vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica, keyboards, percussion, and drums
  • Sarah Norman - vocals, harmonies, percussion
  • Beki Hemingway - vocals, harmonies
  • Jon Linn - guitar
  • Bob Somma - guitar
  • Jellybean Jaquette - bass and engineering
  • Dave Spurr - drums
  • John Campbell - keyboards
  • Steve Goomas - piano
  • Dan Cutrona - keyboards

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