Honda AC15

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Honda AC15
ManufacturerHonda Motor Company, Limited
Also calledHonda Dream 50 (AC15)
Production1997 (CB50V) and 1998 (CB50W)
ClassSport bike
Engine50 cc (3.1 cu in), air cooled, transverse, DOHC, four stroke, single
Power5.6 horsepower (4.2 kW) @ 10,500 RPM[citation needed]
Torque4.11 newton metres = 3.03 foot pounds @ 8,500 RPM Template:Http:// news/honda-dream-50/
Transmission5-speed, manual transmission chain final drive
SuspensionFront; telescopic fork with inner springs
Rear; swingarm with twin shock absorbers
Wheelbase1,195 mm (47.0 in)
DimensionsL: 1,830 mm (72 in)
W: 615 mm (24.2 in)
Weight81 kg (180 lb)[citation needed] (dry)
Fuel capacity6.2 litres (1.4 imp gal; 1.6 US gal)
RelatedHonda CR110 Cub Racing

The Honda AC15 or Dream 50 is a retro style street legal 50 cc (3.1 cu in) single cylinder motorcycle manufactured by Honda in 1997 (CB50V) and 1998 (CB50W).


Honda built the AC15 to commemorate the successful 1962 Honda CR110 single cylinder racer. Showing the 1960s style were short racing handlebars and an elongated and low-profile fuel tank.

The frame was a diamond design with a reinforced single front down tube bolting to the engine's crankcase. The top of the frame was a reinforced double-tube over and under configuration meeting a multi-tube box under the rider.

Front and rear disc brakes were standard and unusual for a small displacement motorcycle.

The engine was a rare design for 50 cubic centimeters, having a single cylinder with double overhead camshafts.

A commercial racer was available in 1962 called the CR110 Cub Racing which produced 8.5 horsepower (6.3 kW) from a single cylinder and had drum brakes. A race only version, designated the AR02 or Dream 50R, was imported into the US in 2004.