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Decoration in the metro station.

Hornstull (Swedish pronunciation: [huːɳʂˈʈɵlː]) is an area in western Södermalm, Stockholm. Hornstull is actually the name of where the streets Hornsgatan and Långholmsgatan intersect. Up to the early 19th century it was also a city toll; "tull" in Swedish.

Hornstull also has a metro station, which opened on April 5, 1964.

Two of the subdivisions of Hornstull are Drakenberg, and Högalid, after which the neighborhood school (Högalidsskolan) and parish church are named.

A weekend market has been held regularly at Hornstull, under the name "Street". Many of the merchants at the market sell their own individual fashion designs and creations. Street includes a restaurant, coffee house and a night club.

Coordinates: 59°18′56″N 18°02′02″E / 59.31556°N 18.03389°E / 59.31556; 18.03389