Horrocks Pass

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Horrocks Pass
Elevation 462 m (1,516 ft)
Traversed by Horrocks Highway
Location South Australia, Australia
Range Flinders Ranges
Coordinates 32°38′25″S 138°02′15″E / 32.6403°S 138.0375°E / -32.6403; 138.0375Coordinates: 32°38′25″S 138°02′15″E / 32.6403°S 138.0375°E / -32.6403; 138.0375

Horrocks Pass is a geographical location in the southern Flinders Ranges, in South Australia, approximately 6 kilometres west of the town of Wilmington. Horrocks Highway travels through the pass between Port Augusta and Wilmington. It is named after John Horrocks who travelled through the area with his party in August 1846 during his ill-fated exploration of land north of Spencer Gulf. At the top of the pass is a lookout and monument to Horrocks and his party.