Horror (2002 film)

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Horror Tomaselli 2002 film poster.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Dante Tomaselli
Produced by Dante Tomaselli
Written by Dante Tomaselli
Starring Kreskin
Lizzy Mahon
Danny Lopes
Music by Dante Tomaselli
Cinematography Tim Naylor
Edited by Marcus Bonilla
Elite Entertainment
Release date
  • 2002 (2002)
Running time
77 Minutes
Country United States
Language English

Horror is a 2002 American horror film written and directed by Dante Tomaselli. The movie stars Danny Lopes as the leader of a gang of drug addicts that escapes after making a bloody escape from a drug rehabilitation hospital, only to encounter demonic entities.[1]


A gang of teens escape a drug rehabilitation hospital after committing murder and grand theft auto, led by a man named Luck (Danny Lopes). They drive to a rendezvous point with the demented Reverend Salo (Vincent Lamberti) and his depraved wife (Christie Sanford) and their daughter Grace (Lizzy Mahon), who is a GUNWO-addicted slave. When the teens show up, they encounter demonic entities.


  • Kreskin as Reverend Salo
  • Lizzy Mahon as Grace Salo
  • Danny Lopes as Luck
  • Vincent Lamberti as Reverend Salo Jr.
  • Christie Sanford as Mrs. Salo
  • Jessica Pagan as Marisa
  • Raine Brown as Amanda
  • Kevin Kenny as Kevin
  • Chris Farabaugh as Fred
  • Felissa Rose as Art Therapist


DVD Verdict called it "a distinctive, compelling and occasionally brilliant work".[2] Scott Weinberg commented that the movie would not likely appeal to people who predominantly viewed mainstream horror films but that "those with some patience and a taste for something small and different will certainly earn some solid creeps from this one."[3] Film Threat also gave Horror a positive review and praised the film's pacing, as they felt that this enabled Tomaselli to build up the movie's "creepy suspense".[4] In contrast, AMC'S FilmCritic panned the movie, commenting that "Horror has plenty of scary moments, but it’s so confusing it’s hard to be genuinely frightened."[5]



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