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Hossein Martin Fazeli

Hossein Martin Fazeli a.k.a. Naanaam (Persian: نانام‎‎) is an Iranian film director [1] and poet.[2] His films have won 39 international awards,[3] and have been broadcast on networks such as CNN, SBS, ARTE and Canal+. He has shot on location in Iran, UAE, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Norway, France, UK, Canada and USA. In 2008, Fazeli was shortlisted by the prestigious Sundance Institute to take part in 2008 Sundance International Filmmakers Award. Fazeli has previously worked on media campaigns for organizations such as the UNDP, the European Commission and Nonviolence International on issues such as minority rights, women’s rights, racism and nonviolent struggle.

International Awards (Selected)[edit]

  • Special Award for Promoting Human Rights, Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
  • Audience Award, São Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil
  • Youth Jury Award, Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, France
  • Best International Film Award, Cape Town World Cinema Festival, South Africa
  • Bigas Luna Award for the Best Story, Reus Festival Europeu de Curtmetratges, Spain
  • International Jury Award, Encounters International Film Festival, Bristol, UK
  • Golden Cat Award, Izmir International Film Festival, Turkey
  • Best Screenplay Award, Santiago International Film Festival, Chile
  • Audience Award, Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Spain
  • Best Screenplay Award, DaKino International Film Festival, Romania
  • Best Film Award, Film Platform, Denmark
Hossein on location in India for the filming of Phoolan
  • Special Jury Award, Euroshort, Poland
  • Honorable Mention, Black & White Audiovisual Festival, Portugal
  • Best Screenplay, AFIA International Film Festival, Denmark
  • Best Foreign Short, Naoussa International Film and Video Festival, Greece
  • Best Film Award, Bianco International Film Festival, Italy
  • Best Director Award, San Giò Verona Video Festival, Italy
  • Ovidiu Bose Pastina Special Award, Anonimul International Independent Film Festival, Romania
  • Grand Prize, Cinefiesta International Film Festival, Puerto Rico
  • Award for Extraordinary Achievement, Concorto International Film Festival, Italy
  • Best Screenplay Award, Sedicidorto International Film Festival, Italy
  • Best Film Award, Belgrade International Film Festival, Serbia
  • Grand Calpurnia Award, Ourense Independent Film Festival, Spain
  • Jury Award, Castellinaria International Film Festival, Switzerland
  • Best of the Best Award, Spokane International Film Festival, USA


Hossein on location in India for the filming of Phoolan
Film Date
Women on the Front Line 2013 Documentary
Legacy of Nonviolent Movements in Iran 2011 Documentary
Inscribed 2008 Fiction
The Tale of Two Nazanins 2007 Documentary
The T-shirt 2006 Fiction
The Blind Man 2006 PSA
The Journey 2006 Poem film
A Foreign Poem 2004 Poem film
Who is Sahraa? 2003 Documentary

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