Hostage of Love

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"Hostage Of Love"
Razorlight Hostage Of Love.jpg
Single by Razorlight
from the album Slipway Fires
A-side "Hostage Of Love"
Released 12 January 2009
Genre Alternative rock
Songwriter(s) Borrell/Burrows
Razorlight singles chronology
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"Hostage Of Love"
"Wire To Wire" "Hostage Of Love"

Hostage of Love is the second single from Razorlight's third studio album, Slipway Fires. To date, it is their most recent single released. Released on 12 January 2009, it has not received much commercial success or notice. In terms of critical reception, there have been mixed reviews; particularly harsh comments appeared in The Times and The Guardian newspapers. However, it is noteworthy that some of the more unsympathetic reviews misinterpreted songwriter Johnny Borrell's intended themes and lyrics, a fundamental aspect being the biblical imagery running throughout the song, not a result of some presumed messiah complex, but rather because during the songwriting process for Slipway Fires, Borrell "was learning a bit about Catholicism [and] was very interested in the concept that we’re ordinary sinners."

The music video is in black and white and depicts the band playing the song in a studio, though an alternative version has more recently appeared, with scenes evoking the religious themes mentioned above and also showing band travelling on the Paris Métro, ending at the station Boissière, whose name originates from the custom of remembering the crucifixion by hanging up boxwood on Palm Sunday. In spite of the band's efforts to promote the single, it has not charted anywhere and (as of this writing) nothing has been mentioned or confirmed for the next single to be taken from Slipway Fires after this.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hostage Of Love" - 3:44
  2. "Wire To Wire" (WDR2 Acoustic Session Version) - 3:04
  3. "In The Morning" (Live) - 3:59

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