Hot Issue (EP)

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Hot Issue
BIGBANG Hot Issue.jpg
EP by Big Bang
Released November 22, 2007[1]
Genre K-pop, hip hop, R&B
Language Korean
Label YG Entertainment
Producer Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon, Brave Brothers
Big Bang chronology
Hot Issue
For the World
(2008)For the World2008
Singles from Hot Issue
  1. "Last Farewell"
    Released: November 22, 2007

Hot Issue is the second Korean EP by South Korean boy band Big Bang, released under YG Entertainment.

Big Bang's first EP after Always further established the group's popularity in South Korea, with the single "Last Farewell" topping online charts for 8 consecutive weeks,[2] sold over 5 million digital downloads.[3] The group's leader, the then 20-year-old G-Dragon produced and wrote the lyrics for all tracks on Hot Issue. "Last Farewell" is a blend of trance hip-hop beats and pop melodies. The song also features rapping by G-Dragon and T.O.P and melodic vocals from Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. "Crazy Dog" features synthesizers and a sampling from Seo Tai Ji & Boys' song "In My Fantasy."[1] "Last Farewell" won several awards, including Song of the Month at Cyworld Digital Music Awards.[4]

The EP sold over a 120,000 copies in South Korea.[5]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Intro (Hot Issue) (featuring CL)" G-Dragon G-Dragon Brave Brothers 1:23
2. "Fool" (바보; Babo) G-Dragon G-Dragon Brave Brothers 3:46
3. "But I Love U" (G-Dragon solo) G-Dragon G-Dragon, S Kush S Kush 4:15
4. "I Don't Understand" G-Dragon Choi Pil-kang Choi Pil-kang 4:06
5. "Crazy Dog" G-Dragon G-Dragon, Brave Brothers, Perry Brave Brothers 3:40
6. "Last Farewell" (마지막 인사; Majimak Insa) G-Dragon G-Dragon, Brave Brothers Brave Brothers 3:52
Total length: 21:01

Sample credits

  • "But I Love U" contains a sample of "Rhu of Redd Holt Unlimited" by Paula
  • "Crazy Dog" contains a sample of "In My Fantasy" by Seo Taiji & Boys

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