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Hotel for Dogs
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AuthorLois Duncan

Hotel for Dogs (1971) is a children's novel by Lois Duncan. It was adapted into a film of the same name by Nickelodeon Movies for DreamWorks Pictures, released on January 16, 2009. When the book was originally released in 1971, Andi's name was Liz, and Friday's name was Sadie. The book was re-released December 1, 2008, to promote the film with the names changed.

Two sequels were released: News for Dogs in 2009 and Movie for Dogs in 2010.


Andrea Walker, known as Andi, is a girl who does not want to move to her animal-allergic great-aunt Alice because to do so would mean having to say goodbye to her beloved dog Bebe, which will be living with another family until Andi's family finds a new home for themselves because of her. Regardless of this, she is forced to go. However, shortly after the move, she finds a stranded dog and wishes to keep her. Andi's mother vetoes this idea, so, along with her older brother Bruce, she keeps the dog (which she names Friday) and her pups in an abandoned house across the street.

After a while, Andi and Bruce allow in three more partners, Tim, Debbie, and Tiffany, and eight more dogs: Red Rover (an Irish Setter that ran away from his abusive owner and Andi and Bruce's enemy, Jerry Gordon, who is Aunt Alice's neighbor and pretends to be nice), MacTavish (an abandoned dog left by his owner and eats scraps and sometimes food from kids), Preston (a praying beagle), and five "Bulldales" (puppies owned by Tiffany, and her father threatens to drown them if they are not sold.) In the end, their expenses overwhelm them, and they are discovered by their father, mother, and aunt. During a final scene, Jerry's wickedness is revealed to his ignorant father, prompting him to sell Red Rover.

Also, all the dogs living in the hotel leave it. Red Rover (which Bruce wants to adopt), Friday, and Bebe return home with the Walkers when they move out of Aunt Alice's house, MacTavish is adopted by Tim, the Bulldales find a home, Preston returns to his home, and Andi's writing is finally published.



  • Andrea "Andi" Walker – The main character, she has a passion for dogs.
  • Bruce Walker – Andi's brother, he helps her take in the abandoned dogs.
  • Jerry Gordon – Andi and Bruce's enemy, he abuses his dog Red Rover.
  • Aunt Alice – Andi and Bruce's aunt, she has a dog allergy.
  • Tim – A boy originally from Jerry Gordon's gang, he comes to help Andi and Bruce with the dog hotel.
  • Mr Walker – Andi and Bruce's dad
  • Mrs Walker – Andi and Bruce's mum
  • Debbie – Andi's friend, she helps her with the hotel
  • Tiffany – Andi's friend, she helps her with the hotel. She, as owner of the Bulldales, is the one to get them.

Dog characters[edit]

  • MacTavish – An abandoned dog that Andi takes to the hotel
  • Red Rover – An Irish Setter that belongs to Jerry Gordon and was mistreated by him
  • Bebe – Andi's first dog that she has to leave behind
  • Friday – A little dog that Andi finds and takes to the hotel, she also has puppies
  • Preston – A big, tough hound
  • The Bulldales – Five puppies owned by Tiffany

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