Killing Mr. Griffin (film)

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Killing Mr. Griffin
Killing Mr. Griffin (film).jpg
Genre Thriller
Based on Killing Mr. Griffin
by Lois Duncan
Written by Michael Angeli
Kathleen Rowell
Directed by Jack Bender
Starring Jay Thomas
Scott Bairstow
Amy Jo Johnson
Music by Christophe Beck
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Willard Carroll
Bonnie Raskin
Thomas L. Wilhite
Producer(s) Suzy Beugen
Chris Young (co-producer)
Cinematography David Geddes
Editor(s) Mark Melnick
Running time 89 minutes
Production company(s) Hyperion Pictures
Bonnie Raskin Productions
NBC Studios
Distributor NBC
Original network NBC
Original release April 7, 1997

Killing Mr. Griffin is a 1997 American television film directed by Jack Bender and starring Jay Thomas, Scott Bairstow and Amy Jo Johnson. The film is based on Killing Mr. Griffin, a novel by Lois Duncan.


After being humiliated in English class by his teacher Mr. Griffin (Jay Thomas), popular high school student Mark Kinney (Scott Bairstow) wants his revenge. With his friends, he plans to kidnap Mr. Griffin, using his girlfriend Susan (Amy Jo Johnson) as bait, to frighten Mr. Griffin and photograph him and expose him for the fatuous phoney that he seems to be. But the prank goes wrong when Griffin dies from heart failure. Now Mark and his friends must cover their tracks before they are accused of murder.



Despite no approval rating as yet, the film has received a Rotten Tomatoes Want-To-See score of 30% and was met with mixed to positive reviews from audiences.

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