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House of 909 is a UK deep house group and house music record label formed in 1995. The group consists of performers Nigel Casey, Trevor Loveys, and Affie Yussuf. The group, which has been called a "collective", also involves record production contributions from Jamie Cox and Martin Howes.[1] The group uses Nigel Casey's House of 909 label for its releases. The label's "Voices from Beyond", "Future Soul Orchestra", and "Shakedown" all had mid-1990s dance club hits in the UK. House of 909 has been considered as influential on the UK DJ and club scene as fellow Brits Basement Jaxx. [1]


The group emerged from Nigel Casey's DJ work on the UK's southern coast in the 1980s and the early 1990s. Casey was an influential house music DJ during this period.[1] One of his early self-founded record labels was 909 Perversions Records, which Casey launched after working with artist Affie Yussuf.[1] Prior to working with Casey, Yussuf had recorded tracks for Force Inc. Like Casey, Yussuf also had a self-founded label, in Yussuf's case called Ferox.[1]

After Casey and Yussuf worked together, in 1995 they recruited the producers from Soul Rebels After, Trevor Loveys and Jamie Cox.[1] With these four artists/producers, they launched House of 909 Records in 1996. The first records from the label were EPs from Future Soul Orchestra and Voices from Beyond.[1] These EPs had deep house style that were influenced by US artists Larry Heard and Deep Dish. Pagan Records negotiated a deal to licence the House of 909 label's "Deep Distraction" EP. The House of 909 label released a mix collection entitled "Soul Rebels" in 1997. The House of 909 group released their first album in 1998, "The Children We Were".[1]


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