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Howard Avedis
OccupationFilm director, film producer, author

Howard Avedis is a film director, producer and author.


25 May 1927


25 October 2017 Age 90[1]


Avedis lived in Southern California with his wife Marlene.

As a film student, he studied at the University of Southern California and won the George Cukor Award.

As of 2014, he was working on his second novel. His first publication was Hotel Paradise: Nothing Is As It Seems.[2]

Film work[edit]

His early work as a director included The Stepmother in 1972, a film that starred Alejandro Rey.[3] In 1974, he directed and produced The Teacher, shot in 12 days all around Los Angeles, on a budget of $65,000 using the investor producers home, her boat and clever use of the industrial abandoned (used mostly for location shooting ) industrial manufacturing section in east L.A., a film that starred Angel Tompkins, Jay North and Anthony James.[4][5] in 1975, he produced and directed The Fifth Floor, a film about a young lady who gets sent to the psych ward called "The Filth Floor". It starred Dianne Hull and Bo Hopkins.[6] Other films he has produced or directed include Mortuary, Separate Ways and They're Playing with Fire.[7] Crown International released the film and The Teacher has remained a popular cult film studied by film students all over the world to this day. I know because I am Angel Tompkins and I get the emails, the phonecalls, and the mail on facebook from the generation when the Teacher was released, the stories of young men keeping photos of me in their lockers, and taking them to college to keep in their dorms, and to this day, at collector shows the one sheets, posters and copied photos made from theatre press materials come from all over the world to me asking me to autograph them and their telling me, how watching the Teacher, "Got them through school and college" So in those 12 days of shooting limited budget, Marlene Schmidt and Howard Avedis did their best.and made Crown, tons of money. God bless with love Angel Tompkins In 2007, his film The Teacher s paired with The Pick Up and released on a DVD titled "Welcome to the Grindhouse: Two Sinful Shockers".[8] In May 2012, his 1983 horror film Mortuary was transferred to DVD, with special features included, in HD mastered from the original Inter-Negative. It was released by Scorpio Releasing in conjunction with Camelot Entertainment.[9]


As Howard Avedis[edit]

As Hikmet Avedis[edit]

As Hikmet L. Avedis[edit]


  • Hotel Paradise - (2014) ISBN 149357566X, 9781493575664 [12]


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