Hoy (U.S. newspaper)

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Hoy (U.S. newspaper)
Headquarters Chicago, IL
United States
Website www.vivelohoy.com

Hoy is part of Tribune Publishing, publishing two of the leading Spanish language newspapers in Chicago and Los Angeles. Hoy and Hoy Fin de Semana have a combined weekly distribution of nearly 1.8 million copies nationally. Hoy claims the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper Monday-Friday in Chicago and the Los Angeles Hoy Fin de Semana product is the largest home-delivered Spanish-language newspaper in the nation.[citation needed]

On February 12, 2007, Tribune announced the sale of Hoy New York to ImpreMedia LLC, the parent company of El Diario La Prensa, for an undisclosed sum.[citation needed] Hoy Chicago and Hoy Los Angeles are not affected by the transaction.

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