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Hryhoriy Oleksiyovych Alchevsky (Ukrainian: Григорій Олексійович Алчевський) also known as Grigory Alchevski (Russian orthography) (Russian: Григорий Алексеевич Алчевский) (1866 in Kharkiv, Russian Empire – 1920 in Moscow) was a prominent Ukrainian and minor Russian composer.

Hryhory was the son of a mining engineer, industrialist and banker Oleksiy Alchevsky, and teacher Khrystyna Zhuravlyova. Hryhoriy also had two sіblings named Ivan and Khrystia. Ivan Alchevsky became a renowned opera singer and Khrystia Alchevska was a respected poet. Hryhory Alchevsky himself, worked as a teacher of voice and piano, composer and singer. He was a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory of Music. His works include: several textbooks for vocalists, a symphony called "Oleksiy Popovych" (after the character of a Ukrainian duma, an epic poem), arrangements of Ukrainian and Russian folk songs, and a series of solo works to the words of Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, and also his sister.


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