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Queen consort of Tenochtitlan
Family tree
Family tree of Tenochtitlan royal family. Huacaltzintli's name is here, and also the names of her husband and son.
Husband Emperor Itzcoatl
Issue Tezozomoc
Father King Quaquapitzahuac
Religion Aztec religion

Huacaltzintli was a Princess of Tlatelolco and Queen of Tenochtitlan. She was a daughter of the king Quaquapitzahuac and sister of the king Tlacateotl and queen Matlalatzin. Her husband was Itzcoatl, Aztec emperor. She bore him son called Tezozomoc. She was a grandmother of kings Axayacatl, Tizoc and Ahuitzotl.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Wives of Chimalpopoca
Queen of Tenochtitlan
Succeeded by
Wives of Moctezuma I