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Huber Heights City Schools is a school district serving Huber Heights, Ohio. Until 1981, it was known as Wayne Township Local School District. The name was changed when the majority of Wayne Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, was incorporated as the City of Huber Heights.


High Schools[edit]

Middle Schools[edit]

  • Weisenborn Middle School (In the fall of 2012, all 7th and 8th graders in the district started attending this school) (formerly Clara E. Weisenborn Junior High School)
  • Studebaker Middle School (Currently being used to house administrative staff, SOAR program, Preschool and YMCA latchkey program) (formerly Robert H. Studebaker Junior High School)

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Wright Brothers Elementary (Constructed in 2012 after demolition of Kitty Hawk and Menlo Park Elementary Schools.)
  • Monticello Elementary
  • Rushmore Elementary
  • Charles H. Huber Elementary
  • Valley Forge Elementary

Former Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Kitty Hawk Elementary
  • Menlo Park Elementary
  • Titus Elementary (formerly Titus High School)
  • Robert J. LaMendola Elementary (formerly Shenandoah Elementary)

Current and Former Athletics Nicknames[edit]

  • Wayne Warriors
  • Weisenborn Cougars
  • Studebaker Warriors
  • Kitty Hawk Flyers
  • Menlo Park Panthers
  • Monticello Mustangs
  • Rushmore Spartans
  • Titus Eagles
  • Valley Forge Patriots
  • Shenandoah/LaMendola Braves

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