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Hugh Martyn Williams, commonly known as Hugh Williams, (born 7 December 1946) is a British chartered accountant, author and politician. He is the son of the former North Cornwall Conservative MP, Alfred Martyn Williams (1898–1986). He is senior partner of HM Williams Chartered Accountants and National Treasurer [1][2] of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Business Life[edit]

Williams was educated at Eton College and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1970. He set up his own accountancy practice in 1973, first at a small farm on Dartmoor, moving to Plympton in 2001.

He is also the owner of St. Edward's Press,[3] an independent publisher.


A former Conservative supporter, in 2003, Williams became a member of UKIP. In 2004, he met Marta Andreasen and subsequently (through St. Edward's press) published Brussels Laid Bare.

He stood as a UKIP candidate in the 2005 and 2010 general elections in the Devon South West constituency.

He was elected to UKIP’s National Executive Committee in 2010 where he was subsequently appointed as UKIP’s Deputy National Treasurer. After the 2014 European elections he succeeded as National Treasurer.[4]

Williams is a former member of the Dartmoor National Park Authority.[5]


Williams' self-published history book From Ur to Us, Everything you Need to Know about History attracted strong criticism for a number of claims such as Winston Churchill admiring Hitler and the German invasion of Poland being provoked by Polish aggression.[6]


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Personal life[edit]

Williams is married with five children and five grandchildren. He is a lifelong supporter of Plymouth Argyle F.C.

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