Hugh Philp

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Hugh Philp.
Personal information
Cameron Bridge, Fife
St Andrews, Fife
Nationality Scotland

Hugh Philp (1786–1856) was one of the most celebrated golf club makers of his era.

Born in Cameron Bridge in Fife he moved to nearby St Andrews to establish a carpentry, joinery and housepainting business.[1] In 1812 he started to repair and then make golf clubs as a sideline.[1] This sideline became a great success and he subsequently opened a shop and workshop adjacent to the links.[2] His clubs were in great demand by the leading players of the day[3] and in 1819 Philp was appointed as club-maker to the Society of Golfers at St. Andrews (later to become the Royal and Ancient Golf Club).[2]

Today his clubs are highly desirable as collectors' items with auction prices reaching many thousands of pounds.[2][4]


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