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Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole, a 20th-century English novelist, had a large and varied output. Between 1909 and 1941 he wrote thirty-six novels, five volumes of short stories, two original plays and three volumes of memoirs. His range included disturbing studies of the macabre, children's stories and historical fiction, most notably his "Herries" series, set in the Lake District.


Title First published British publisher US publisher Notes Online edition
The Wooden Horse 1909 Smith, Elder Doran The Wooden Horse at Faded Page (Canada)
Maradick at Forty: A Transition 1910 Smith, Elder Doran Maradick at Forty: A Transition at Faded Page (Canada)
Mr Perrin and Mr Traill 1911 Mills and Boon Doran revised for the US version as The Gods and Mr Perrin: subsequently filmed (1948). The Gods and Mr Perrin at Faded Page (Canada)
The Prelude to Adventure 1912 Mills and Boon Doran Prelude to Adventure at Faded Page (Canada)
Fortitude 1913 Martin Secker Doran
The Duchess of Wrexe, Her Decline and Death [1] 1914 Martin Secker Doran The Duchess of Wrexe: Her Decline and Death at Faded Page (Canada)
The Golden Scarecrow [2] 1915 Cassell Doran short stories:
  • Prologue
  • Hugh Seymour
  • Henry Fitzgeorge Strether
  • Ernest Henry
  • Angelina
  • Bim Rochester
  • Nancy Ross
  • 'Enery
  • Barbara Flint
  • Sarah Trefusis
  • Young John Scarlet
  • Epilogue
The Golden Scarecrow at Faded Page (Canada)
The Dark Forest [3] 1916 Martin Secker Doran The Dark Forest at Faded Page (Canada)
Joseph Conrad 1916 Nisbet Henry Holt
The Green Mirror 1918 Macmillan Doran The Green Mirror at Faded Page (Canada)
The Secret City [4] 1919 Macmillan Doran
Jeremy 1919 Cassell Doran
The Art of James Branch Cabell 1920 R M McBride
The Captives [5] 1920 Macmillan Doran The Captives at Faded Page (Canada)
The Thirteen Travellers 1920 Hutchinson Doran short stories:
  • Absalom Jay
  • Fanny Close
  • The Hon Clive Torby
  • Miss Morganhurst
  • Peter Westcott
  • Lucy Moon
  • Mrs Porter and Miss Allen
  • Lois Drake
  • Mr Nix
  • Lizzie Rand
  • Nobody
  • Bombastes Furioso
The Young Enchanted [6] 1921 Macmillan Grosset and Dunlap The Young Enchanted at Faded Page (Canada)
The Cathedral[7] 1922 Macmillan Doran
Jeremy and Hamlet 1923 Cassell Doran Jeremy and Hamlet at Faded Page (Canada)
The Crystal Box 1924 Privately published by Walpole limited edition of 150 copies
The Old Ladies 1924 Macmillan Doran The Old Ladies at Faded Page (Canada)
The English Novel: Some Notes on its Evolution 1924 Cambridge University Press not published in the US until 1970 (Folcroft edition)
Portrait of a Man with Red Hair 1925 Macmillan Doran Portrait of a Man with Red Hair at Faded Page (Canada)
Harmer John 1926 Macmillan Doran Harmer John at Project Gutenberg Australia
Reading: An Essay 1926 Jarrolds
Jeremy at Crale 1927 Cassell Doran Jeremy at Crale at Faded Page (Canada)
Anthony Trollope 1928 Macmillan Macmillan
My Religious Experience 1928 Benn
The Silver Thorn 1928 Macmillan Doubleday short stories:
  • The Little Donkeys with the Crimson Saddles
  • The Tiger
  • No Unkindness Intended
  • Ecstasy
  • A Picture
  • Old Elizabeth (A Portrait)
  • The Etching
  • Chinese Horses
  • The Tarn
  • Major Wilbraham
  • A Silly Old Fool
  • The Enemy
  • The Enemy in Ambush
  • The Dove
  • Bachelors
The Silver Thorn: A Book of Stories at Faded Page (Canada)
Wintersmoon 1928 Macmillan Doubleday Wintersmoon at Faded Page (Canada)
Farthing Hall 1929 Macmillan Doubleday with J B Priestley
Hans Frost 1929 Macmillan Doubleday Hans Frost at Faded Page (Canada)
Rogue Herries 1930 Macmillan Doubleday Rogue Herries at Faded Page (Canada)
Above the Dark Circus 1931 Macmillan Doubleday published in the US as Above the Dark Tumult Above the Dark Tumult at Project Gutenberg Australia
Judith Paris 1931 Macmillan Doubleday Judith Paris at Faded Page (Canada)
The Apple Trees: Four Reminiscences 1932 Golden Cockerel Press limited edition of 500 copies
The Fortress 1932 Macmillan Doubleday The Fortress at Faded Page (Canada)
A Letter to a Modern Novelist 1932 Hogarth A Letter to a Modern Novelist at Faded Page (Canada)
All Souls' Night 1933 Macmillan Doubleday short stories:
  • The Whistle
  • The Silver Mask
  • The Staircase
  • A Carnation for an Old Man
  • Tarnhelm – or The Death of my Uncle Robert
  • Mr Oddy
  • Seashore Macabre – A Moment's Experience
  • Lilac
  • The Oldest Talland
  • The Little Ghost
  • Mrs Lunt
  • Sentimental but True
  • Portrait in Shadow
  • The Snow
  • The Ruby Glass
  • Spanish Dusk
All Soul's Night at Faded Page (Canada)
Vanessa 1933 Macmillan Doubleday Vanessa at Faded Page (Canada)
Extracts from a Diary 1934 Privately published by Walpole
Captain Nicholas 1934 Macmillan Doubleday Captain Nicholas at Project Gutenberg Australia
Cathedral Carol Service 1934 Faber and Faber an episode from "The Inquisitor"
The Inquisitor 1935 Macmillan Doubleday The Inquisitor at Faded Page (Canada)
Claude Houghton: Appreciations 1935 Heinemann with Clemence Dane
A Prayer for My Son 1936 Macmillan Doubleday A Prayer for my Son at Project Gutenberg Australia
John Cornelius: His Life and Adventures 1937 Macmillan Doubleday John Cornelius... at Faded Page (Canada)
Head in Green Bronze and Other Stories 1938 Macmillan Doubleday short stories:
  • Head in Green Bronze
  • The German
  • The Exile
  • The Train
  • The Haircut
  • Let The Bores Tremble
  • The Honey-Box
  • The Fear of Death
  • The Field with Five Trees
  • Having No Hearts
  • The Conjurer
Head in Green Bronze at Faded Page (Canada)
The Joyful Delaneys 1938 Macmillan Doubleday The Joyful Delaneys at Faded Page (Canada)
The Sea Tower 1939 Macmillan Doubleday The Sea Tower at Faded Page (Canada)
Roman Fountain 1940 Macmillan Doubleday
The Bright Pavilions 1940 Macmillan Doubleday The Bright Pavilions at Faded Page (Canada)
The Blind Man's House 1941 Macmillan Doubleday The Blind Man's House at Faded Page (Canada)
Open Letter of an Optimist 1941 Macmillan
The Killer and the Slain 1942 Macmillan Doubleday The Killer and the Slain at Project Gutenberg Australia
Katherine Christian 1943 Macmillan Doubleday UK publication 1944 Katherine Christian at Faded Page (Canada)
Mr Huffam and Other Stories 1948 Macmillan short stories:
  • The White Cat
  • The Train to the Sea
  • The Perfect Close
  • Service for the Blind
  • The Faithful Servant
  • Miss Thom
  • Women are Motherly
  • The Beard
  • The Last Trump
  • Green Tie
  • The Church in the Snow
  • Mr Huffam – A Christmas Story
Mr Huffam and Other Stories at the Internet Archive

Some of Walpole's stories were parts of series with related themes:

  • The London Novels were Fortitude, The Duchess of Wrexe, The Green Mirror, The Captives, The Young Enchanted, Wintersmoon, Hans Frost and Captain Nicholas.
  • Scenes from Provincial Life included The Cathedral, The Old Ladies, Harmer John and The Inquisitor.
  • The Herries Chronicle comprises Rogue Herries, Judith Paris, The Fortress and Vanessa. Two later Herries books were The Bright Pavilions and Katherine Christian.
  • The Jeremy stories were Jeremy, Jeremy and Hamlet and Jeremy at Crale.
  • Four Fantastic Tales were Maradick at Forty, Prelude to Adventure, Portrait of a Man with Red Hair and Above the Dark Circus.

Short stories[edit]

The following stories appeared in the Windsor Magazine :

  • The Dog and the Dragon in Reminiscence October 1923
  • Red Amber December 1923
  • The Garrulous Diplomatist December 1924
  • The Adventure of Mrs Farbman January 1925
  • The Adventure of the Imaginative Child February 1925
  • The Happy Optimist March 1925
  • The Dyspeptic Critic April 1925
  • The Man Who Lost His Identity May 1925
  • The Adventure of the Beautiful Things June 1925
  • The War Babies are Growing Up ! November 1934

Other works[edit]


  • The Young Huntress, 1933
  • The Cathedral (adaptation of his 1922 novel), 1936
  • The Haxtons, 1939


In 1932 Walpole edited The Waverley Pageant: Best Passages from the Novels of Sir Walter Scott. In 1937 he edited a compilation of short stories, A Second Century of Creepy Stories (Hutchinson, 1937), by a range of writers including Guy de Maupassant, M. R. James, Henry James, Walter de la Mare, Oliver Onions, Walpole himself ("Tarnhelm") and twenty-one others.[8]



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