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Huling town a town in Rui'an city, China with an area of 31.4 square kilometers. The total population of Huling is 220,000. Huling possesses 6496.5 acres of arable land.[1]

General Information[edit]

Huling is a town that is situated within Rui'an City, China, located in a mountainous area 34 kilometers northwest of the city. It has an area of 31.4 square kilometers and a population of 22,000 people[when?]. Rui (Ann) Maple (Ridge) highway goes through the town. Administer Datong, Songtan, the next, East Lake, Tai Lingyang, Dingshan, Panlongshan, four ancient mountains, salt shop, Xianxin Temple, Piedmont, Xiang, Feng Ao, Accor Village, carriage Bay, Yang, E, I, Tianchang, Tianchangshan, Niuduantou, Dongkeng, Xikeng, was shore, Dongkengshan 26 village committees and Fanhu neighborhood. The town mainly produces rice and wheat, but also produces handicrafts, clothing, toilet paper, and beef. The tertiary industry to catering services, trade, transportation-based.[2]


20th Century[edit]

The town was established in 1931 with it being renamed as a commune in 1958. 1984, said the town of Lake Township in 1992, merged with the Hangyuan Township for the restoration of Lake Town.


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