Humanimal (band)

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Origin Sweden
Genres Hard rock
Years active 2002–2003
Labels Z Records
Associated acts Talisman
Human Clay
Members Marcel Jacob
Jeff Scott Soto
Pontus Norgren
Tomas Broman
Jesse Nylander

Humanimal was a musical project featuring Pontus Norgren (Great King Rat) and Marcel Jacob (Talisman).

The band's name idea come from Marcel Jacob who used the following quote: "...we might be human but in the end, we still being animals".

The main idea was to have a hard rock record with three singers: Leif Sundin (Great King Rat, John Norum, Michael Schenker Group), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and Mats Levén (Krux, At Vance, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen).

After some research and testing, they decided to go with one singer, because they also thought it would be easier for the listeners if they only used one, and well they chose Jeff Scott Soto.

After that, again Norgren and Jacob were thinking about who could be the best drummer that they should use for that kind of musical project and they chose Tomas Broman (Great King Rat, Electric Boys, Amaze Me, Hughes Turner Project, Glenn Hughes).

They released their only record on January 28, 2002 in USA and February 1 in Europe, but by popular demand the record label made a second edition to reach at least three European countries.

Also on June 17, 2002, the record label released a 3-track EP called "Find My Way Home".

In May the band played a couple of shows to support it. Unfortunately, this was not a good moment for the guys owing to some personal, professional and legal problems. Pontus and Marcel had a falling-out and this meant that Pontus was out both of Talisman and Humanimal, then on October 19 of that year, Humanimal split.


  • 2002 - Humanimal
  • 2002 - Find My Way Home E.P.


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