Hume Weir Motor Racing Circuit

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Hume Weir Motor Racing Circuit
Hume weir map.jpg
Location Lake Hume, Victoria
Time zone GMT +10
Coordinates 36°06′50″S 147°00′50″E / 36.11389°S 147.01389°E / -36.11389; 147.01389Coordinates: 36°06′50″S 147°00′50″E / 36.11389°S 147.01389°E / -36.11389; 147.01389
Opened 2 November 1959
Closed 27 March 1977
Major events Australian Formula 2 Championship
Australian Sports Car Championship
1960-77 circuit
Length 1.6 km (1.0 mi)
Lap record 42.7 (Alfredo Costanzo, , 1975)
1959-60 circuit
Length 1.29 km (0.8 mi)

The Hume Weir Motor Racing Circuit is a now disused motorsport track built on the Victorian side of the Murray River at Lake Hume near Albury-Wodonga.


The circuit was built in a disused quarry left over from the construction of the Hume Weir, which had taken place between 1919 and 1931.

The opening race meeting was held on 2 November 1959.[1] [2] Originally 1.28 km in length, the track was extended to 1.6 km in 1960 and was sealed in the same year.[1]

The final meeting was staged on 27 March 1977.[1] The lap record, set by Alfredo Costanzo driving a Birrana, stands at 42.7 seconds.[1] It was established during the third round of the 1975 Australian Formula 2 Championship on 15 June 1975.[3]

Alpine Rally[edit]

After the final race meeting in 1977, the circuit continued to be used for stages of the Alpine Rally during the 1980s and possibly the early 1990s.[4]


The circuit has been in a state of disrepair for many years.[5] Further damage was caused to the circuit in the mid-2000s by construction work on the nearby dam wall which had been undertaken due to concern that the wall may be moving.[4]

Major races[edit]

Race Date Winning driver Car
1973 Australian Formula 2 Championship (Round 1) 3 June Leo Geoghegan Birrana 272 Ford
1974 Australian Formula 2 Championship (Round 1) 16 June Leo Geoghegan Birrana 274 Ford
1975 Australian Formula 2 Championship (Round 3) 15 June Alfredo Costanzo Birrana 274 Ford
1976 Australian Formula 2 Championship (Round 2) 13 June Peter Larner Elfin 700
1976 Australian Sports Car Championship (Round 4) 26 September Alan Hamilton Porsche Turbo


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