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The Huosi were one of the Uradel noble families in the stem duchy of Bavaria, during the reign of the Agilolfing dynasty. They were mentioned in the 743 Lex Baiuvariorum.

Many abbeys in southern Bavaria such as Benediktbeuern, Ilmmünster, Scharnitz, Schlehdorf and Tegernsee were founded in the 8th century by people who were reportedly members of the Huosi.


The origins of the Huosi are unclear. The dynasty appears to have started as petty Germanic chieftains under the Goths. Sometime around the Christianization of Germany, the Huosi were converted to Chalcedonian Christianity from Germanic paganism, although it is probable that some were already Arians.

Several descendants held the office of a Bishop of Freising in the 9th century. They may have affiliated with the later Luitpolding dynasty