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The Hurley Group is a large provider of primary care services in London, one of only 3 organisations in England serving more than 100,000 patients.[1] In 2012 it ran 13 practices, had 250 employees and provided a variety of NHS services across London.

Dr Clare Gerada is one of four GP partners in the firm. It was noted during her active campaign against the Health and Social Care Act 2012 that the group could face substantial competition from private providers if they were allowed to compete equally to provide NHS services. Other GPs were reported as complaining that the Hurley Group was "swooping in and taking over in areas where it normally has no business".[2]

Expansion of larger organisations like the Hurley Group has been advocated as a means whereby the quality and capacity of primary care services in England could be enhanced, for example by the King's Fund report in 2011.[3] Dr Arvind Madan, Partner and Chief Executoive made a presentation to the Nuffield Trust event "Transforming general practice: unlocking the potential" in May 2013.[4]

In June 2014 the group was awarded a five year £17m contract to provide urgent care centres outside Queen Mary’s Hospital and Erith Hospital by Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group.[5]


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