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Hurr or with added definitive article as Al Hurr / Al-Hurr may refer to:

Hurr also means free in Arabic and Hebrew and appears in a great number of Arab names of organisations including:

  • Free Syrian Army, in Arabic Al-Jayš Al-Suri Al-Ḥurr, main armed opposition group operating in Syria
  • Free Shia Movement, Al-Tayar Al-Shi'iy Al-Hurr, small Lebanese Shia political movement allied with March 14 Alliance and opposed to mainstream Shi'ite movements allied with the March 8 Alliance, namely Hezbollah and Amal
  • Radio Free Iraq, in Arabic Izaa'at al 'Iraaq al Hurr, 24-hour radio station broadcasting in Arabic from Prague, and is part of the programming of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty


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