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Founded 1863
Headquarters Salford, England
Owner Hydes Family

Hydes is a family-owned and managed brewery in Salford, England. The company has been brewing real ale since 1863. It owns more than 80 managed and tenanted pubs, mainly in North West England, but also in North Wales.


Alfred and Ralph Hyde inherited a small brewery from their grandfather in 1863. In 1899, William Hyde acquired the Queens Brewery in Moss Side, Manchester, and began building up an estate of tied public houses. In 1944, the company was renamed Hydes Anvil Brewery after its trademark.[1] Hydes moved from Moss Side to a new site in Salford in 2012.[2]

Regular beers[edit]

Seasonal beers[edit]

Hydes brews six seasonal beers, each available for two months every year. For 2007, the theme was musical ("Inn Tune With Hydes"), consisting of:[3]

Past themes have taken inspiration from different areas, with the theme for 2006 coming from the world of cinema:[4]

  • Free Spirit, 4.8% abv (Jan-Feb),
  • Heavenly Draft, 4.2% abv (Mar-Apr),
  • Dr's Orders, 4.4% abv (May-Jun),
  • Cutty Shark, 4.1% abv (Jul-Aug),
  • Hidden Treasure, 4.5% abv (Sept-Oct),
  • Stormtrooper, 5.0% abv (Nov-Dec).

In 2000, the theme was less clear, with the seasonal beers consisting of:[5]

  • Harry Vederchi, 4.8% abv (Jan-Feb),
  • Clever Endeavour, 4.5% abv (Mar-Apr),
  • Hair Raid, 4.2% abv (May-Jun),
  • Your Bard, 4.0% abv (Jul-Aug),
  • Henry's Hampton, 4.4% abv (Sept-Oct),
  • Rocket Fuel, 5.0% abv (Nov-Dec).


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