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Headquarters in Kobe

Hyogo FM Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (DBA Kiss-FM KOBE.Co.Ltd) is an FM radio station in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.


The network was first launched as a relay station of FM Oita (Air-Radio FM88, Oita Prefecture) in October, 1990. When it started, it was called as Hyogo FM radiobroadcast (兵庫エフエムラジオ放送, Hyogo Efuemu Rajio Ho-so-). It was an independent station until it joined JFN on April 1, 2003.

Its main broadcast frequency is at 89.9 MHz, with an output of 1 kW and transmits from the Rokko mount range where reception is possible for most of the Kansai area.

There was a satellite studio, now closed, in the America Mura of Osaka.


  • 4 seasons
  • Kiss Music Presenter

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