Hypena scabra

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Hypena scabra
Hypena scabra adult.jpg
Hypena scabra [1]
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Erebidae
Subfamily: Hypeninae
Genus: Hypena
Species: H. scabra
Binomial name
Hypena scabra
(Fabricius, 1798)
  • Plathypena scabra (Fabricius, 1798)
  • Hypena erectalis Guenée, 1854
  • Hypena revoluta Walker, 1858
  • Hypena revoluta Walker, 1858 (preocc. Walker, 1858)
  • Hypena subrufalis Grote, 1872

The Green Cloverworm or Black Snout (Hypena scabra) is a moth of the Erebidae family. It is found from Canada south to Florida and Texas. It has also been reported from Great Britain.

The wingspan is 25–35 mm. Adults are on wing from March to November or all year round in warmer regions. There are multiple generations per year.

The larvae feed on low-growing legumes, including alfalfa, bean, clover, pea and soybean. They also feed on woody legumes such as false indigo and locust. Other reported hosts include birch, cherry, corn, elm, hackberry, New Jersey tea, poplar, ragweed, sida, strawberry and willow.


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