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Ralf Jesek, Holger Diener, Martin von Arndt, Hansi Huenig
Background information
GenresDarkwave, Neofolk
Years active2011-present
LabelsSyborg Music[1]
Associated actsIn My Rosary, Derriere Le Miroir, Mary's Comic, Printed At Bismarck's Death
  • Ralf Jesek: vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Martin von Arndt: saxophone, backing vocals
  • Holger Diener: guitars
  • Hansi Huenig: keyboards

I-M-R is a German darkwave/neofolk music project, founded 2011 by ex-In My Rosary mastermind Ralf Jesek. After the disbandment of In My Rosary in November 2011, Ralf and his former live guest musicians Martin von Arndt (also member of the avant-garde/industrial band Printed At Bismarck's Death), Holger Diener and Hansi Huenig decided to continue the artistic idea as a band.

In November 2012 I-M-R released their debut album "Letters from the Paper Garden", which was supported by some international guests such as Elena Alice Fossi (Italy, Kirlian Camera), Isabelle Dekeyser (Belgium, The Breath Of Life), Stan_I & MS (Russia, Stillife), Sara Noxx (Germany) or Paul Roland (England).




  • 2012 Letters from the Paper Garden (CD)
  • 2014 InOutSide (CD)

Associated releases:

In My Rosary

  • 1993 Those Silent Years (CD)
  • 1994 Under the Mask of Stone (CD)
  • 1995 Strange EP (CD)
  • 1996 Farewell to Nothing (CD)
  • 1997 Against the Grain (CD)
  • 1999 A Collection of Fading Moments (CD)
  • 2002 The Shades of Cats (CD)
  • 2004 Greetings From the Past (CD)
  • 2004 Your World is a Flower (CD)
  • 2007 15 (CD)
  • 2010 Retro (CD)

Derrière le Miroir

  • 1993 Alibis (CD)
  • 1993 Pregnant EP (CD)
  • 1994 A Notion of Light (MCD)
  • 1995 Deep (CD)
  • 1996 Thieves & Kisses (CD)
  • 1997 Selected 1992-1995 (CD)

Mary's Comic

  • 2007 - Perfect Vacation (CD)

Printed At Bismarck's Death

  • 1986/1993 Fierceness Of The Immortal Charisma (LP/CD)
  • 1992 Via Lacrimosa (CD)
  • 1993 Ten Movements on the Matrix of a Symbol (CD)
  • 1997 Chamber Music for those Absent (CD)


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