Sara Noxx

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Sara Noxx
Origin Berlin, Germany
Genres Electro-industrial
Years active 1997 - present
Labels Rough Trade
Prussia Records
Associated acts Essexx
Project Pitchfork
18 Summers
Members Sara Noxx

Sara Noxx is an award winning German musician and star of the alternative music scene. She is also a member of the band Essexx who, in 1997, were the winners of the Zillo Band Contest. Her debut solo release was the 1997 Mini-Album Society on Nightshade Productions.

Her 2001 album Exxtasy reached #9 on the DAC.[1] In 2003, Sara released her instrumental album Nonvoxx. In Autumn 2003 the album Equinoxx and the single cd Colder & Colder were released which reached the no. 1 position of all European alternative charts for several weeks.[2]

In 2008, Sara Noxx released a 3-CD set XX-ray[3] including numerous new interpretations, remixes and duets but also a collection of multi-lingual interpretations of her work. In 2009, her single Superior Love from her Intoxxication album reached #4 on the DAC.[4] To date, Sara Noxx has released three full albums as well as numerous singles, LPs, and special releases.[5]

Related projects and collaborations[edit]

Sara Noxx is a member of the band Essexx[6] and is credited with remixing the song Navigator for Blutengel,.[7] She did vocals on the X-Fusion song Reap the Whirlwind, remixed by The Eternal Afflict.[8] Her 2008 single, "Earth Song", featured guest vocals from Project Pitchfork, and reached #9 on the DAC.[9] Sara sang a duet with ASP on the song "Imbecile Anthem" for the duet / remix album Die Zusammenkunft. Her cover of Where the Wild Roses Grow featured world-renowned forensic biologist Mark Benecke.


Albums, LPs, and singles[edit]

Released on Nightshade Productions:

  • Society (1997)
  • Noxxious (1997)
  • Paradoxx (1998)

Released on Scanner Records:

  • Exxtasy (2001)
  • Nonvoxx (2003)
  • Colder and Colder (2003)
  • Equinoxx (2003)

Released on Prussia Records (A label of Rough Trade Records):[10]

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