IBM ThinkPad 770

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IBM ThinkPad 770-series
IBM Thinkpad 770.jpg
Manufacturer IBM
Introduced 1997
Discontinued 1999
Processor Intel Pentium I, Pentium II
Frequency 200-366 MHz
Memory 64-128 MB PC66 SDRAM
Ports Serial, Parallel, VGA out, IBM docking port, IBM external floppy drive port, CardBus, USB 1.0

IBM ThinkPad 770 was a laptop designed and manufactured by IBM targeted for the business, enterprise and professional user. It was the last lineup in the ThinkPad 700-series, succeeding the 760 as the high-end laptop of the ThinkPad lineup. The line was produced from October 1997 to October 1999, and eventually replaced by the ThinkPad models 390X and 600X.


The first 770s were shipped with either Windows NT4 or 95, but later shipped with 98 pre-installed. They were equipped with IBM's Ultrabay II, allowing for the option of either a CD-ROM or floppy drive. One notable feature of the ThinkPad 770 is that it was the first ThinkPad available with a DVD-ROM option in addition to a USB port and AC-3 support.

The first 770s featured an Intel Pentium I processor running at 233 MHz but with an optional 266 MHz upgrade. Later models introduced the Intel Pentium II mobile processor, and because these 770s use a certain processor socket, many have had success installing much more powerful processors generating up to 850 MHz. Although most models run at the 1024x768 resolution, some later models are capable of the 1280x1024 resolution. All use Trident Cyber 9397 graphics chips with 2mb memory in the 770 and 4MB memory in the 770E/770ED and up.


  • IBM ThinkPad 770 - The first 770 introduced in 1997. Available CPU options included the 200mhz or 233 MHz Pentium MMX processor, came with 32 MB RAM and Windows 95 pre-installed.
  • IBM ThinkPad 770E - Later model produced shortly after the 770 to introduce the more recently developed Pentium II mobile processor, running at 266 MHz; 13.1" screen option dropped.
  • IBM ThinkPad 770ED - Similar to the 770E, but with DVD-ROM player and MPEG II decoder included.
  • IBM ThinkPad 770X - Model that featured the slightly improved Pentium II that ran at 300 MHz. Graphics used AGP bus as opposed to PCI bus in earlier 770 models. It shipped with 160 MB RAM and Windows 98 pre-installed. The 770X also introduced the option for a 13.7" LCD with 1280x1024 screen resolution.
  • IBM ThinkPad 770Z - Last of the 770s, this model was similar to the 770X except that it ran the 366 MHz Pentium II cpu with full speed cache.


Preceded by
IBM ThinkPad 760
IBM ThinkPad 770
October 1997-October 1999
Succeeded by
IBM ThinkPad 600X
IBM ThinkPad 390X