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IBM NetVista desktop PC with an Intel Pentium 4

The IBM NetVista was a variety of products manufactured by IBM.

Software suite[edit]

The Software Suite was introduced in April 1996 as a client–server software suite, with the server software running on OS/2, and the client software on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Meant to provide Internet access to K-12 users, it included such things as a web browser, nanny software and other internet utilities, including a TCP/IP stack.

Starting with version 1.1, the server side was also supported on Windows NT. The software suite was withdrawn without replacement in January 2000.


  • NetVista V1.0
  • NetVista V1.1
  • NetVista V2.0

Network station[edit]

In April 2000 the IBM Network Station product line was renamed to IBM NetVista, as were the associated software tools. It was withdrawn in April 2002 with no replacement.

Hardware products:

  • NetVista N2200 (Cyrix MediaGX at 233 MHz, 32-288 MB RAM, CompactFlash, Ethernet, USB 1.1, VGA, Audio I/O)
  • NetVista N2200e
  • NetVista N2200l
  • NetVista N2200w
  • NetVista N2800
  • NetVista N2800e
  • NetVista N70 Thin Client

Software products:

  • NetVista Thin Client Manager V2R1


Hardware products:

  • NetVista Kiosk Model 120
  • NetVista Kiosk Model 150


This appliance is meant to allow internet access on a TV. It was not sold directly to end-users, but offered as an OEM product to internet providers.

Hardware products:

  • NetVista Internet Appliance i30

Personal computer[edit]

The IBM NetVista personal computer was the follow-on to the IBM PC Series. It was announced in May 2000, and withdrawn in May 2004. It was replaced by the IBM ThinkCentre (now Lenovo ThinkCentre since 2005).


  • A Series
    • IBM NetVista A10
    • IBM NetVista A20
    • IBM NetVista A20i
    • IBM NetVista A21
    • IBM NetVista A21i
    • IBM NetVista A22
    • IBM NetVista A22p
    • IBM NetVista A30
    • IBM NetVista A30p
    • IBM NetVista A40
    • IBM NetVista A40i
    • IBM NetVista A40p
    • IBM NetVista A60
    • IBM NetVista A60i
  • M Series (Manageability)
    • IBM NetVista M41
    • IBM NetVista M42
  • S Series
    • IBM NetVista S40
    • IBM NetVista S40p
    • IBM NetVista S42
  • X Series(all-in-one)
    • IBM NetVista X40
    • IBM NetVista X40i
    • IBM NetVista X41

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