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Closeup of the NetVista X41 all-in-one PC

NetVista is an umbrella name for a variety of products manufactured by IBM.

Software suite[edit]

The Software Suite was introduced in April 1996 as a client–server software suite, with the server software running on OS/2, and the client software on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Meant to provide Internet access to K-12 users, it included such things as a web browser, nanny software and other internet utilities, including a TCP/IP stack.[1]

Starting with version 1.1, the server side was also supported on Windows NT. The software suite was withdrawn without replacement in January 2000.


  • NetVista V1.0
  • NetVista V1.1
  • NetVista V2.0

Network station[edit]

In April 2000 the IBM Network Station product line was renamed to IBM NetVista, as were the associated software tools. The NetVista computers were thin client systems. The line was withdrawn in April 2002 with no replacement.[citation needed]

Hardware products:

  • NetVista N2200 (Cyrix MediaGX at 233 MHz, 32-288 MB RAM, CompactFlash, Ethernet, USB 1.1, VGA, Audio I/O)
  • NetVista N2200e[2]
  • NetVista N2200l
  • NetVista N2200w
  • NetVista N2800
  • NetVista N2800e
  • NetVista N70

Software products:

  • NetVista Thin Client Manager V2R1


Hardware products:

  • NetVista Kiosk Model 120
  • NetVista Kiosk Model 150


This appliance is meant to allow internet access on a TV. It was not sold directly to end-users, but offered as an OEM product to internet providers.

Hardware products:

  • NetVista Internet Appliance i30

Personal computer[edit]

IBM NetVista X41 all-in-one

The IBM NetVista personal computer was the follow-on to the IBM PC Series. It was announced in May 2000, and withdrawn in May 2004. It was replaced by the IBM ThinkCentre (now Lenovo ThinkCentre since 2005). Initially offered in the typical white/beige cases of the 1990s the NetVista was sold in black later on.


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