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iBond (Chinese: 通脹掛鈎債券; SEHK4208, SEHK:4214, SEHK:4218, SEHK:4222, SEHK:4228, SEHK:4231) is a Hong Kong dollar retail inflation-indexed bond issued by the Hong Kong Government. There have been four series issued and the fifth series will be issued in 2015. The first issuance was announced in 2011–2012 government budget of Hong Kong by John Tsang, the fourth Financial Secretary since the Hong Kong handover.

The rate for each interest payment will be determined by the year-on-year inflation rate of Hong Kong, which according to the Hong Kong Composite Consumer Price Index, with the lower limit of 1% return. The first iBonds were listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange to listing on 29 July 2011. The offered issue amount is HK$10,000,000,000.