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WaveMetrics IGOR Pro Logo.png
Developer(s) WaveMetrics
Stable release
7.0 / July 25, 2016
Operating system Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Available in English, Japanese
Type Technical computing
License Proprietary
Website www.wavemetrics.com

IGOR Pro is a scientific data analysis software, numerical computing environment and programming language that runs on Windows or Mac operating systems. It is developed by WaveMetrics Inc., and was originally aimed at time series analysis, but has since then evolved and covers other applications such as curve fitting and image processing. It comes with a fully functional programming language and compiler, but many functions are also accessible through menus. IGOR Pro is primarily known for its graphics capabilities, and like Origin and other similar programs, is often used to generate plots for scientific and other publications. Other features include the possibility of extending the built-in functions with external operations (XOP) allowing data acquisition, manipulation and analysis features, communication with external devices and in principle any other task that can be programmed in C or C++.


Complementing the professional development and support provided by WaveMetrics, a broad community of users and enthusiasts provide user-to-user support through a mailing list and IgorExchange, a collaborative web site sponsored by WaveMetrics whose main features are a forum and places where programmers can share extensions, complete projects or "code snippets". Several large scientific user facilities, such as Argonne National Laboratory, have developed and published data analysis libraries for Igor Pro.[1][2][3]

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