INS Chapal (K94)

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INS Chapal (K94).jpg
Preserved at Rabindranath Tagore Beach.
Name: INS Chapal
Commissioned: 4 November 1976
Decommissioned: 5 May 2005
Fate: Museum ship on Rabindranath Tagore Beach, Karwar
General characteristics
Class and type: Chamak class missile boat
Displacement: 245 tons (full load)[1]
Length: 38.6 meters
Beam: 7.6 meters
Speed: 37+ knots
Complement: 30
  • 4 × SS-N-2A Styx AShM
  • 1 × SA-N-5 SAM
  • 2 × AK-230 30mm guns

INS Chapal (K94) was a Chamak class missile boat of the Indian Navy.[1][2]

It is now a museum ship on Rabindranath Tagore Beach in Karwar, Karnataka.[3]

This warship was deployed during the India - Pakistan war of 1971. It helped in causing heavy damage to Pakistani ships [4] near Karachi.

This warship is now positioned on a special concrete platform at Rabindranath Tagore beach in Karwar city, Karnataka state, India.

Mannequins dressed-up as captain, sailors, doctors, etc, are there inside the Museum. Replicas of the missiles are also displayed inside the Warship Museum.


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