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The IPR-Helpdesk[notes 1] is a project funded by the European Commission (EC) and a source and guide to patent information.[1] The project was launched in 1998 (at the same time as Espacenet)[2][3] to be a central reference point for intellectual property inquiries and advice throughout the European Union.[4][5] The IPR-Helpdesk is a project implemented by "a European network consisting of several research institutes, law firms and consultancies."[6] It notably offers a free-of-charge enquiry service,[7] or "Helpline service", for addressing intellectual property issues, that is "targeted at researchers and European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participating in EU-funded collaborative research projects."[8]

According to a 2005 OECD report, the IPR-Helpdesk "offers an example of what governments can do to help compensate for a lack of technology transfer competence among [public research organisations (PROs)]" and "has, since 1998, played a key role in building a culture of innovation in EU countries".[9] The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe later reported, in 2011, that the IPR Helpdesk "not only benefits EU RTD participants, but also the wider research and SME communities".[10]

The University of Alicante (Spain) was responsible for the FP5, FP7 and CIP IPR-Helpdesk editions from January 2001 to February 2011.[citation needed] From March 2011, a consortium formed by infeurope S.A. (a Luxembourg-based company), the Intellectual Property Institute of Luxembourg (a Luxembourg-based IP institute) and Eurice GmbH (a company based in Saarbrücken, Germany) is in charge of the project as a result of a European Commission’s tender.[11][12]


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