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IP E-Games, also known as E-Games, is the leading online game publisher in the Philippines under IPVG Corporation (PSEIP). IP E-Games is also an F2P(Free-To-Play)-based-company, meaning every one can play their titles freely. In February 2012, IP E-Games has ceased all operations in line with their merger with Level Up! Games Incorporated (Under licence of Playweb Games Inc.).


Published titles[edit]

These are the games published by IP E-Games prior of its closure.

Past titles[edit]

These are the games published by IP E-Games before its closure.

  • Dreamville
  • Battle Position
  • O2Jam
  • Supreme Destiny
  • Superstar
  • Operation 7
  • Dragonica
  • Nostale

Unpublished titles[edit]

  • Topspeed

Publishing timeline[edit]

2005: Ran Online, Dreamville, O2Jam and Battle Position[edit]

In December 2005, IP E-Games released 4 titles: Ran Online (the company's flagship), O2Jam, Battle Position and Dreamville. Ran Online, then, became very popular to a lot of gamers in the country being the company's flagship for a very long time before Cabal Online. On the other hand, O2Jam became very popular to music-lovers. Dreamville and Battle Position shut down their servers in late 2007 and O2Jam in 2009.

2006: Ran Online Commercial launch, Dance Battle Audition and Supreme Destiny[edit]

In April 2006, E-Games had the commercial launching of Ran Online. Since then, April became a very important month to E-Games and its gamers. Every April of every year, e-Games celebrates its anniversary called as the E-Games Domination which has been the most successful and the biggest on-ground event hosted by an online-gaming company.

In 2006, E-Games also released Dance Battle Audition and Supreme Destiny. Dance Battle Audition became very popular to different online gamers and has been the top casual game in the Philippines. On the other hand, Supreme Destiny became very popular to gamers who have been hooked with fantasy online games, its servers shut down by 2008.

2007: E-Games Dom1nation and Granado Espada[edit]

In 2007, E-Games had its first anniversary dubbed as E-Games Dom1nation. Dom1nation was set in Le Pavilion, Roxas Boulevard. In spite of the limited space, still, it garnered a lot of e-Gamers.

E-Games also launched Granado Espada, a partnership between E-Games Philippines and IAH Games. Granado Espada has been very popular because of its game system and graphics. It has been a pay-to-play game at first, but since E-Games is known to be a free-to-play gaming company, it went to F2P later on.

2008: E-Games Domination II, Cabal Online, Topspeed, Nostale and ZX Online[edit]

In 2008, E-Games had its second anniversary as E-Games Domination II. This time, e-Games set its venue in a bigger venue at the SMX Convention Center. They have added a live-streaming system that allows gamers who cannot be there in the event to witness the activities inside the convention center.

In Domination II, E-Games also released Cabal Online PH. Cabal Online PH has been one of the most successful online games on its release garnering about 50 000 players on its first weeks.

E-Games also released its first kart racing game - Topspeed. And for the second time, e-Games PH and IAH Games partnered in publishing an online game. Unfortunately, before the game was released commercially to the gamers, both E-Games and IAH decided to stop the operations of the game due to developer issues.

In the same year, E-Games also partnered up with Servex to officially publish Nostale in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the game did not hit the PH market and e-Games stopped publishing the game in 2010.

Another title in 2008 was released - ZhuXian Online, a fantasy-based MMORPG under Perfect World, Ltd. The game has been very popular to those who are hooked with fantasies, love stories, and empires. Unfortunately, the game did not hit the PH market and e-Games stopped publishing the game in 2010.

2009: E-Games Domination III, Operation 7 and Runes of Magic[edit]

In 2009, e-Games celebrated its third anniversary titled: "Domination III: Sa e-Games, San ka Pa?!". The theme of the event was outer space, being really attractive to the different gamers who attended the event. By Domination III, another system was introduced by the company, following the live video streaming during Domination II comes the Live Blog. In the Live Blog, the E-Games/X-Play Correspondents blog about what are the happenings inside the event for the subscribers of the live blog, there are also surveys, photos, and players may also submit their query in the live blog. One of the highlights of the event was also the Alodia Gosiengfiao fans day, which happened as the event was running garnering different cosplayers, from the youngest to the adults. When the event ended, 21000 gamers attended the event.

E-Games also released 2 New Titles by 2009: Operation 7 and Runes of Magic. Runes of Magic is a fantasy-based MMORPG mostly referred to be a photocopy of World of Warcraft. Runes of Magic also has a lot of unique features like: Server-to-Server PVP, Housing System, Secondary Class System etc. Operation 7 on the other hand is a First-Person-Shooting game. One thing that is unique about Operation 7 is that it allows players to customize their game character and weapon.

2012: E-Games-Level Up! Inc. merger[edit]

In February 2012, the Philippine Stock Exchange has released a disclosure statement where it defines that E-games Philippines will be transferring their titles and assets to Level Up! Incorporated and game publishing will be placed under Level Up! Games' associated publishing company, Playweb Games Inc.[1]


In 2008, IP E-Games partnered up with GMA NMI in publishing the casual games of E-Games. The partnership of both E-Games and GMA NMI has been called as "X-Play." Since then, all casual games has been under X-Play.

Minor on-ground events[edit]

E-Games Evolution[edit]

E-Games Evolution has been the event held by e-Games when the company set a new logo for e-Games. It has been a nationwide event that garnered a lot of online-gamers around the country.

Road to Domination[edit]

Road to Domination is a nationwide on-ground event in preparation for the yearly anniversary of e-Games - Domination. It has started in 2007 for the Road to Domination 3, followed by another Road to Domination IV. Nationwide tournaments, as well as promotion of new titles are some of the highlights of the said event. It has been one of the most successful on-ground events in the country.


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