ITU School of Architecture

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Istanbul Technical University School of Architecture
Mk Istanbul Technische Universität.jpg
Type Public school
Established 1884, as Hendese-i Mülkiye,
Dean Prof. Dr. Sinan Mert Şener[1]
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Campus Urban

ITU School of Architecture, is the first institution in Ottoman Empire that educate students about architecture. Department of Architecture is substantially equivalent to the programs in the United States.[2] Famous architectures such as Ord. Prof. Emin Onat, Prof. Paul Bonatz, Prof. Said Kuran, Prof. Mukbil Gökdoğan, Prof. Kemal Ahmet Aru, Prof. Clemens Holzmeister, Prof. Gustav Olsner, Prof. Rudolf Belling, Prof. Orhan Arda was the members of School of Architecture.[3] School of Architecture is in Taşkışla building,[4] in Beyoğlu and has five departments:

ITU School of Architecture building, Taskisla

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