iTunes Live: London Festival '09 (General Fiasco EP)

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iTunes Live: London Festival '09
EP by General Fiasco
Released 21 July 2009
Recorded 14 July 2009
Genre Alternative Rock, Indie
Length 12:51
Label Infectious Records
Producer General Fiasco and iTunes

iTunes Live: London Festival '09 is a live EP by the Northern Irish trio, General Fiasco. It is their first EP and was recorded during their performance at the iTunes Festival at The Roundhouse in London in 2009.


NME called the group and the EP "one of the top 10 big hopes for the future."

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by General Fiasco.

No. Title Length
1. "Please Take Your Time (Live)" 3:08
2. "Something Sometime (Live)" 3:39
3. "Little Doors (Live)" 2:36
4. "Get Me (Live)" 3:36
5. "Rebel Get By (Live)" 3:20

The live EP additionally contained a digital booklet, which could only be downloaded with the purchase of the entire album.

Omitted Tracks[edit]

Only 5 of the 8 songs from their live performance are on the EP. "Dancing With Girls", "We Are The Foolish", and "Ever So Shy" are not included on the EP.


  • Owen Strathern - Lead vocals and bass guitar
  • Enda Strathern - Guitar and backing vocals
  • Stephen Leakcock - Drums