I Love You (1979 film)

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I Love You
Directed by Vayu Nandana Rao
Release date
  • 1 June 1979 (1979-06-01)
Country India
Language Telugu

I Love You is a 1979 Tollywood film that was directed by Vayu Nandana Rao. This film starred Chiranjeevi, Suvarna, Prasad Babu, P. L. Narayana, and others.[1]


Ramesh's (Chiranjeevi) daily routine involves driving along with his friends, seducing young women and ditching them.He targets Suvarna, a middle-class girl who comes from a village for education. Suvarna is accompanied by her cousin Prasad Babu who wants to marry her and becomes jealous when he finds Suvarna in Ramesh's car. He warns her, but Suvarna gets attracted towards Ramesh and one fine day Ramesh ditches her. Later Suvarna knows that Ramesh met with an accident and is now unable to walk and is spending time in a wheelchair. She uses Ramesh's cousin and finds a place in his home and treats him as a nurse.

Meanwhile, Ramesh's mother and uncle plan to get him married to his uncle's daughter. Suvarna teases Ramesh in every possible manner making him realize his mistake and helplessness. Ramesh realizes his mistakes and decides to marry Suvarna and talks to her father. Against her father's will, Suvarna marries Ramesh but discovers that Ramesh lost his potency. Following the advice of her doctor, she intentionally hurts Ramesh's ego and leaves his house. Hurt, Ramesh decides to prove himself by standing on his legs. He drives to her house and forces himself on her. In the end, Suvarna is happy that Ramesh got back his legs and a changed Ramesh lives happily with her.[2]


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