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I Will Survive: Comeback Stories of a Corporate Warrior
Cover of the book showing the author, Sunil Robert, in front of the white house
First edition cover
Author Sunil Robert
Country United States
Language English
Genre Autobiography
Publisher Westland Limited
Publication date
July, 2009
Media type Print (Hardback and Paperback)
ISBN 978-81-89975-98-2

I Will Survive: Comeback Stories of a Corporate Warrior is a memoir by Sunil Robert, an author of Indian origin. The memoir follows the life of the author from his childhood in the poorer districts of Hyderabad, India, India [1] to becoming a successful corporate communicator and his eventual relocation to the United States.


As the eldest son from a lower middle class household, Sunil Robert began his life in Hyderabad[2] spending his childhood without any worries. His family, though poor, was well respected in the community. Robert was popular among his friends. Life came to a rapid halt after his father lost his job and could not find another one. Robert, still very young, was forced to change with circumstances, coming to terms with his new responsibilities and learning to live with the stigma of a life on borrowed money, food, clothes and books.

As he struggled through his school and college days, he grew bitter and resentful towards his father, his extended family and the community which he lived in. Robert found himself getting involved with the local mob. However, before things got worse, Robert decided to take control of his life. With the help and support of his family and the local community, he got his life back on track. He got a job and decided never to venture back to those dark days again.

Through the rest of the memoir, Robert summarises his rise as a corporate communicator at the technology giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and how he eventually dealt with his harsh feelings. He learned to forgive, raised his family responsibly and finally achieved what he has made of himself today.


The memoir is styled as a series of recollections from the author's past. The narration is inter-woven with various explanations, philosophical musings and "lessons" that the author learns, directly or indirectly, from the incidents he faces.


Sunil is a global executive with a career spanning 25 years across India, Europe and North America having worked in reputed companies like Eureka Forbes, Acer, iflex/Oracle and TCS. Having started his career in the late 80s in sales engineering, he moved to advertising and finally settled into corporate communications and has won global accolades for his ability to build brands.

His mission is to change the world through his communications skills. In addition to being a writer, he is also a motivational speaker and leadership coach. His latest book, 'Bound To Rise' has just been launched in India and has recommendations from leaders like Anand Mahindra, N Chandrasekaran and Bala V. Balachandran More about his impact can be found on www.sunilrobert.com.


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