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For the computer, see Iamus (computer). For the album, see Iamus (album).

In Greek mythology, Iamus was the son of Evadne, a daughter of Poseidon, sired by Apollo. Shamed by her pregnancy, Evadne exposed the child to the elements. He survived, as two snakes were feeding him with honey. He was then found alive lying among violets, and was named Iamus (from ίον, "violet") by Evadne. When he grew up, he descended into the waters of Alpheios and invoked Poseidon, his grandfather, and Apollo, his father, asking them to reveal his destiny to him. Apollo instructed him to go to Olympia. Granted the gift of prophecy by Apollo, he founded the Iamidae, a family of priests from Olympia.[1][2]


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