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Ian Robinson speaking at the 2010 Global Atheist Convention

Ian Robinson (born 18 November 1940 in Melbourne, Australia) is President Emeritus of the Rationalist Society of Australia and immediate past Chairman of the Rationalist Association of Australia.[1]


He was educated at Ivanhoe Grammar School and the University of Melbourne where he graduated with honours in Philosophy. Subsequently he has been a tutor in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, a lecturer in Philosophy of Education at Coburg Teachers' College, leader of the Curriculum Project Team (Primary) for the Victoria Ministry of Education and Manager of the Music and Writing Department at Chisholm Institute, from which he retired in 2010.

He has been Editor of Farrago, MUM, National U, Chalkface and the Australian Rationalist, and written many articles and books. His fantasy story "The Crypt of Fleeting Hope" was published by Penguin.

He has acted in and directed a number of plays at La Mama and the Pram Factory theatres in Melbourne, served as president of the Melbourne Writers' Theatre and was theatre critic for the National Times. He is married to actress Maggie Millar.


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