Ibaraki Christian University

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Ibaraki Christian University

Ibaraki Christian University (茨城キリスト教大学 Ibaraki kirisuto-kyō daigaku?) is a private university in Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan, established in 1967. The predecessor of the University, Ibaraki Christian College, was founded in 1949.[1]

Ibaraki Christian University has liaisons and student-exchange programs with a number of universities outside Japan. These include Oklahoma Christian University, with which McMillan was also involved.[2]

The institution has had an international focus from its inception.[3]


  1. ^ The original college was an endeavor of Orvil Dean Bixler, Harry Robert Fox Sr., E. W. McMillan, and other missionaries associated with Churches of Christ.
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  3. ^ See also John Moody McCaleb.

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